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Paper Minecraft

One thing I played today was Paper Minecraft, or, 2D Minecraft. I didn't do a lot, but it looks cool! Search Paper Minecraft, and you can play! It has a lot to do, but is not complete. I was just messing around and I found it! It's fun!


Lil’ Ninjas

Today I went to Lil' Ninjas! They just changed their name to Obstacle Warrior Kids. It's REALLY fun! There are 4 courses and the rings. I love the Cargo Net course and the Rock Wall course. The Cargo Net is really hard to grab. After a while, you get the hang of it. Same with [...]

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One of the games I've been playing since I was about 6 is Minecraft. It is a world full of blocks, monsters, and adventure! Go to Minecraft.net to buy it!! I recommend starting in creative to get familiar with it!


Staying Home

Today I'm home from school sick....... I'm really sad because I have a basketball game tonight! I have a headache and a stomach ache. I hope my team wins!! We're in the tournament in the silver division. If we win, we have a game tomorrow. If we win that, we get 3rd place!

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My Book

Yesterday I started a book called "A Kindergartener's Guide to Minecraft! It's pretty cool. I'm on the 3rd chapter. Once I'm Finished, I'm going to show it to my sister Morgan! She is learning a bit of Minecraft but not a lot. She is five and is going into Kindergarten.

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Madden Mobile with Greyson

Today I played Madden Mobile with Greyson! He taught me how to sell my trophies. I also joined his group! I really like it!

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Flying to Chicago to see my Aunt

Today I'm flying to Chicago to see my Aunt! We are only staying for four days though. Their house is AWESOME!! They even have a basement that you can get to from their backyard!


Having a snowball fight

Today I had a snowball fight with Ms. Foster, my teacher! It was really fun. I made a huge clump of snow (about as big as my arms) and threw it at her!!!!


My snow fort!

Today I made a snow fort! It started out as a 4 inch tall wall then, it turned into a 2 foot tall wall! I even slammed my body into it and it still stood up. I also made footholes in it then, climbed in. Last, but definatly not least, I made a hole to [...]

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Sledding on Friday

On Friday we were sledding!! I pushed my little sister Morgan a a lot! We also did some sledding on my next door neighbor Luke's sign. It was fun!!!!