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Charle and Drew for dinner

Today my friends Charlie and Drew came over! Originally, they were going to come over for a little bit then go home, but then they wanted to chili's with us! Finaly, we decided not to go because it started sleeting! so instead we played for a while!!

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My first tennis tournament!

On Sunday I had my FIRST tennis tournament! Twin creeks got about fourth place. We didn't get a medal, sadly. I played three people and six games! In one game I won two to zero! It was awesome!


Baseball yesterday

Yesterday I had a baseball game! we versed the yankies. We lost two to twelve.  We did pretty good.


minecraft with Jack

Yesterday my best friend Jack came over! He hasent came over in about a month. We played minecraft together. Im really glad Jack came over!  


golf with charlie

Two days ago my friend charlie came over! We played golf on the wii. I was winning 10 to 30 but then I had to forfit because I lost my remote! Next time he comes over were gonna have a rematch!


babysitting galore

today i disintegrated princesses with my nerf gun (aka disinigrater). i was jumping on the bed while the girls were dressing up. Don't worry no one got injured or shot to their death! my babysitters and i had tons of fun. and i get to stay up late!


my friend Jack

today I'm working on my blog with my best friend jack. It`s really fun!  

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Hi Everybody

hi everybody this is zach mason. I'm 8 and I made this blog. There's lots more coming. See ya' later!